PS Slider Compass2Communicating without a strategy would be akin to a 19th-century pioneer setting out on a cross-country wagon trip without a compass or a map and, to make matters worse, no idea what they need to take or who they might meet along the way.

A well-thought-out communication strategy will point you in the right direction by clearly defining your destination (organizational goals), charting a course (identifying communication strategies), determining what resources are needed (selecting the right mix of communication tools), analyzing your key audiences (people you might encounter on the trip, including hostiles) and developing your messages (determining what to say to those you encounter along the way).

We will put our pioneering spirit to work developing a strategy that clearly defines your destination, points the way, and helps you forge a new path for your organization. A detailed communication plan built on your strategy will serve as the trail map that guides you through the ups and downs of your journey to success.

Strategic Services:

  • Integrated marketing communication planning
  • Public relations planning
  • Communication campaign planning
  • Message development
  • Branding strategy
  • Strategic public relations counsel